eSpanini Health Services is an Occupational Health, Wellness & Safety service providing company, founded in 2003 by two dedicated Occupational Health Practitioners.
We have built a staring reputation as a full service provider for wellness, occupation health, safety and hygiene to assist companies in ensuring that their Health, Safety and Hygiene challenges as well as employee wellness responsibilities in the workplace are fulfilled.

To be the ultimate wellness services providers of Occupational Health, Safety and Hygiene to the private and public sector.

To cultivate an integrated practical service of high excellence within occupational health, Wellness and Safety sector.

To fulfill the health, safety and hygiene needs of the clients Maintain healthy workforce.
Maintain lifelong partnership with our clients

We are committed to conducting our business inan excellent ethical manner and support companies achieve their values of honesty integrity and accountability both in the workplace and the communities they service through their workforce.
Given the industry in which we serve and operate, we see ourselves as role models through upholding the highest standard of health conduce.